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Welcome to the official website! for Maghrib Agencies. Maghrib Agencieswas established in 2007. Maghrib Agencies Ltd., is a recognized name in the field of recruiters, human resource works in the Saudi Arabia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, State of Qatar, Sultanate of Oman Libya and Afghanistan. It was established by a reputable team of entrepreneurs; Catherine Ocen Ssabwe currently the Managing Director, Orone Derrick currently the director of operations and Ssabwe Andrew currently the director of in-charge of Business and Development. This strong team has led to a drastic growth of the Company.

Maghrib Agencies a key and founding member of the Uganda Association for External Recruiting Agencies has played a vital role in solving Unemployment problems in Uganda through its services in deployment to United Arab Emirates, Libya, Oman, Afghanistan, Qatar etc and human resource works. Maghrib Agencies was started with the sole aim of doing a prompt and qualitative work at very competitive serve. Having gained the reputation in the market for qualitative work and now we have several ongoing Human Resource supply of man power to reputable clients around the world.

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Our Quality Policy

Philosophy is to assure that quality is fundamental to all works undertaken by Maghrib Agencies Limited and that it must be planned, executed, built into product or service and verified by means of interviews.

Furthermore, all efforts should be concentrated on preventive measures rather than correctives actions. We will achieve the desired results by internal training. We ensure continual improvement by means of review, employee suggestion, clients requirements/feed back and use of advanced technologies (e-mail and skype communication). Our goal is to satisfy the contractual requirements and need of our clients, maintain and continue stable relationship with our suppliers, our company's welfare and our employees.

Strength & Stability

Examination of the Firms current management structure reveals the continued dedication to the public. Our Staff are well motivated by firm trips for better service to both our clients and the Candidates.

Core Values

Safety: Each of us has the responsibility to ourselves, our families, our co-workers, our customers, and the public to ensure that an accident-free environment is our way of life.


We uphold the practices that are foundation of our organization respecting individuals, treating people fairly, conducting business in a professional manner, and honoring our commitments regardless of cost.

Our Motto

Building your future now.

Message from the MD

It's my pleasure and privilege to introduce Maghrib Agencies Limited which was established in 2007. The journey from 2007 till today has been very challenging. Thanks to our loyal team of workers and professionals, we have succeeded in proving that we can deliver on our promises that we can rise to the challenge and excel in our performance to the satisfaction of our clients.

We have constantly worked towards achieving the satisfaction of the clients we serve to meet the growing demands of the Unemployed society in UGANDA. Our fundamental Business principles continue to guide us on the road to success.

Our belief in making realistic commitments and ensuring that they are fulfilled, coupled with our commitment to establish good relationships with INTERNATIONAL communities by respecting laws for both our country and the Employing Country, regulations and customs of the societies we operate in have added to our reputation in the Deployment of MANPOWER ABROAD.

Some Statistics

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Our Team

Catherine Ocen Ssabwe
Managing Director

Catherine Ocen Ssabwe is the current managing director of Maghrib Agencies limited. He has vast experience in handling all matters regarding and relating to human resource management and external recruitment.

Andrew Ssabwe
Business Development & Administrator

Andrew Ssabwe is the current Business Development & Administrator of Maghrib Agencies limited. He has vast experience in managing all matters regarding and relating to business development & administration.

Derrick Orone
Operations Director

Derrick Orone is the current Operations Director of Maghrib Agencies limited. He has vast experience in managing all matters regarding and relating to the day today Operations of the agency and handles all such matters.