Recruitment Procedures

A Brief about Maghrib Agencies

Established in 2007, Maghrib Agencies Ltd. is a recognized name in the field of Recruiters, Human resource works in the Saudi Arabia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, State of Qatar, Sultanate of Oman Libya and Afghanistan. It was established by a reputable team of entrepreneurs; Catherine Ocen Ssabwe currently the Managing Director, Orone Derrick currently the director of operations and Ssabwe Andrew currently the director of in-charge of Business and Development. This strong team has led to a drastic growth of the Company.

Maghrib Agencies a key and founding member of the Uganda Association for External Recruiting Agencies has played a vital role in solving Unemployment problems in Uganda through its services in deployment to United Arab Emirates, Libya, Oman, Afghanistan, Qatar etc and human resource works. Maghrib Agencies was started with the sole aim of doing a prompt and qualitative work at very competitive serve. Having gained the reputation in the market for qualitative work and now we have several ongoing Human Resource supply of man power to reputable clients around the world.

Recruitment Procedures


Recruitment in Uganda is carried out through a firm holding a valid external recruitment License like Maghrib Agencies.

On receipt of Demand Letter with Power of Attorney, we obtain job approval issued by the ministry of gender labour and social development, Government of Uganda, for recruitment of each category as demanded by our clients. Without this sanction, vacancies cannot even be advertised.


In case the demand is higher and our valued Principals desire to have a wide choice for selection, we advertise the category, on media TV giving job description, qualifications and experience required. The applications or bio-data are scrutinized and only genuine candidates are called for interviews.

Interview or Training

We have a team of qualified and experienced Executive, specialized in their respective fields to select the right man for the right job Preliminary we conduct interviews of the candidates with open eyes scrutiny of testimonials to make short list according to the requirements of our valued Principal. We make special arrangement for our valued Principals, qualified candidates after interview sign the respective contracts and all relevant documents sent to our client for visa processing. All possible facilities are extended for final tests.

Trade Test

Where skilled persons are required for specific job, we also arrange practical test of the candidates to ensure that they possess the required knowledge and standard or expertise to satisfy the job specification.

Note: It is option of the employers or their representatives to join us at the time of selection.

Medical Check-Up

Selected persons are thoroughly medically examined by the Medical Board of qualified doctors to ensure fitness, good health and stability in fulfilling intended employment. Photo copies of medical reports are also dispatched to the Employers along-with the employees file.

Visa Processing

All the documents of the qualifying candidate are sent to the relevant client for visa processing.

Foreign Service Agreement (FSA)

Foreign service Agreement is entered between M/s Maghrib Agency Overseas Services on behalf of employers as First Party and recruited persons as other Party. This service Agreement must contain all the conditions laid down by the employers and those required to be included by the Protector of Emigrants, Government of Uganda from time to time. Four copies of Service Agreement approved and countersigned by the Protector of Emigrants, Government of Uganda. One copy of the approved agreement is retained by the protector and one copy is retained by us. The original and the duplicate copies go to the employers and the employee respectively being the actual contracting parties.

Government Vetting

All qualifying candidates are vetted by government and also certificate of good conduct are obtained from INTERPOL.

Booking of Seats

The seats of recruited persons are booked immediately after obtaining visa from client traveling of workers.

Arrival Information

After confirmation of seats, we always telex/Fax message to our clients the arrival of the employees at the destination at least 3 days before, so that the employer depute the representative to receive the employees at the Airport.


Wages of Uganda workers should not be less than 1200 AED the rates approved by the Government of Uganda schedule of minimum rates issued by the government of Uganda.

Immigration Formalities

We see the employees at the time of embarkation and take maximum care for the welfare of employees.

Air Passage

Economy class air ticket from place of hire to the place of employment and back on expiry of contract to be provided by the employer if not included in salary which should be in addition to minimum wages laid down. Employer can send P.T.A (Pre-paid ticket advice) through airline.

Agency Commission

Agency Commission/Service Charges are negotiable

Dead Bodies or Compensation

Dispatch of Dead Bodies of workers or those who sustained serious injuries, evacuation will be made to Uganda at the employer's expenses with full compensation according to labour law of the host country.

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